10 – Careers in Natural Sciences

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Natural Sciences are understandings from different angles of nature and natural environment as well as their allied components. Natural Science has various fields such as Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science and so on. It tells how the world, universe and nature work and how they are benefited to mankind as well as other beings. The 10-Careers in Natural Sciences are discussed below:-
1. Agricultural and Food Scientist: The Agricultural and Food Scientist is an attractive job in Natural Science. It carries an attractive salary and other paybacks. The post requires researching agricultural thoughts and considerable knowledge about food items.
2. Natural Sciences Manager: Natural Sciences Manager studies the natural environment, its changing and its impact on the earth in future. He also supervises work of Chemist, Biologist and physicists. It is also a career in Natural Sciences.
3. Physicist: A Physicist is a person who studies physics and its field that integrates the matter of energy. He also studies the behavior of materials of the universe also interaction between matter and energy. It is a striking career in Natural Science.
4. Pharmacist: A Pharmacist is an expert in the field of medicines. He knows the effective use of medicines. He also knows the advantages and disadvantages of medicines. He gives suitable advices to patients of different diseases. One, who likes the medical environment, selects the discipline of B-Pharmacy – a career in Natural Science.
5. Astronomer: An Astronomer is a person who studies the objects relating to the sky, especially the black holes. The Scientist and Astronomers have not reached the conclusions about black holes as yet, but their struggles about black holes are continued. Astronomers give the feedback about the stars, planets, the moons, the solar system and the other objects in the sky.
6. Chemical Engineer: Chemical Engineers are engaged in the process of differentiating production relating to food, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, biological, and so on. He checks the safety environment where chemicals are processed. His job relates to cost compliant production. A Chemical Engineer is also a career in Natural Science.
7. Materials Scientist: A Material Scientist is a man of materials. He plays with materials with a view to create new materials with the use of metals, ceramics and plastics. The range of the products of Materials Science is vast from computer chips to golf clubs and biomedical devices. It is a promising career in Natural Science.
8. Medical Research Scientist: A Medical Research Scientist is a person who makes researches for the prosperity of human health. He studies how bacteria and viruses affect human health and how human beings can be saved from the impact of them. He also writes technical reports about medical research for the benefit of human beings. It is a research-oriented career in Natural Science.
9. Patent Examiner: A Patent Examiner is a Patent Expert who has a degree in Physical Science or Engineering Fields. He examines the patent applications, whether they comply with the basic and legal requirements or not. He safeguards the interest of patent rights so that no irregularities may occur in patent rights.
10. Teacher / Lecturer: A Natural Science Degree Holder, who is fond of teaching, can adopt a career in teaching the subjects relating to Natural Science. In this way he not only can impart knowledge about the subject to students, but also make research work about Natural Science. He also can write articles about Natural Science in the newspapers for the benefit of the general public.

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