Necessity of English language

(Zainab Batool, Karachi)

Necessity of English language

English has been nowadays become necessity. English is necessary for international communication, English is language of Business. English is access to the world entertainment. English connects you to the internet. English is now spoken in more than 53 countries.

All the down ages, English is an international language, which is spoken in many countries. English is spoken all the worldwide. People used to communicate in English more than their national language. As it is international language, whenever a person who went to another state he hasn't hinder in their ways to make contact with other person. English can make closer to the citizens. Being able to speak English. It doesn't mean you can only speak with native English speaker, as people in the world speak English as a second language, so we can interface with them, and can speak English. If one is speaker of Persian and another has Spanish as their language, so both can contact in English, as both have different languages.

Similarly, English is a language of Business. To interact with other parties or to deal with others the languages to which is given priority is English. Employees that is hired on this basis that have fluent in Speaking English. In Business trip a person have to speak English, competent to understand others.

English is a prominent language on a world scale. English is an approach to entertainment. As English is easily been understood and recognized. There are many films, dramas, movies which can easily be understood able. Not only this we get entertain and gain more knowledge about this language. We no more need any translation and subtitle. Books are also a good entomology of entertainment.Most of Modern science and literature is written in English language as well. For that we have knowledge about English language. We not only Entertain but also induced by gaining information, as in case we know English internet is the source to connect us. On internet, we see everything is in, English. We visit many websites everything is in English. However, If we know English well we can easily use internet.

English is essential in today's world. As English is spoken in all the down ages it becomes an important part of our life and wherever we go or apply we need to clinch English, whether we go for business, we search for internet and foreign country.

For jobs as well, we have to know basic knowledge for English. Now, If we look some jobs like pilot, the tourist guide, a telephone operator, postman and many other jobs. A Foreign office, cannot communicate and deliver his message to the person he has to work. Moreover, English is a rich language. Most of Modern science and literature is written in English language as well. For that we have knowledge about English language.

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