6 – Mind relaxation techniques for better studies

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Mind relaxation techniques are varied from belief to belief. One, who believes in only God, Doomsday and all sky books, then the remembrance of God in isolation, gives his mind relaxation. Mind relaxation is essential not only for mental health, but also for peace of heart. The 6th mind relaxation techniques for better studies are discussed below:-
1. Purity in life: The first and foremost mind relaxation technique is hidden in the purity of life. If a man keeps himself off from backbiting, lie and all kinds of cruelty as well as leads a balanced life with helping people, it gives him much mind relaxation.
2. Meditation: Man must think positively because a pessimist man can never lead a relaxed life. Moreover, regular practice of meditation gives relaxation to mind. Meditation means to think for some minutes about something after closing the eyes, i.e. after closing the eyes to think that blessings of light from the sky are being bestowed upon him and his surroundings. At least ten to fifteen minutes he should practice this kind of meditation – certainly he will feel much relaxation with it.
3. Ablution, Prayer and Sound Sleep: If a man feels himself in stress positions, he immediately should take ablution, offer prayer and take a sound sleep. It will give him both physical and mind relaxation that is vital for better studies.
4. Massage to Head: Massage to the head is also a mind relaxation technique for better studies. Massage to head on a regular basis not only gives mind relaxation, but also is beneficial for physical health.
5. Interval: A continuous short interval from time to time during long, hard and time consuming work is essential. This unperturbed short interval with drinking simple water is also a mind relaxation technique. During short relaxation man should take a deep breath and release it for some time.
6. Avoidance of Drugs: It is witnessed that man takes the drugs for mental relaxation, but it is fact that this kind of habit only gives timely relaxation and when the drug’s effect ends, the man much worries. For the continuous use of drugs totally deteriorates the health of the man and he repents for all his remaining painful life. For physical and mental health, the man should avoid all kinds of drugs as physical and mental health plays an important role in mind relaxation and in other aspects. If there is no health, there is no relaxation. The physical and mental health also requires that the man should take healthy food as well as drink pure water.

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