Does A Child Really Need A Teacher?

(Abu Abdul Quddoos Muhammad Yahya, Karachi)

In this short article, I have tried to prove the importance & significance of a teacher. In the first half, I have raised a few points that deny the role of teacher, but in the later part of the article, all those points are answered in positive. But this fact should also be kept in mind that no teacher will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This means all the points raised in the first half of the article come true in the life of a child i.e. knowledge should be gained by all means.


1. A student can acquire knowledge carefully by observing & glancing over his surroundings. A student who wants to acquire knowledge about Geography (oceans, seas, rivers, hills, etc.) can visit all the places and collect information directly i.e. first-hand information.

2. He can acquire knowledge from his environment as a young baby learns his mother tongue.

3. In the modern age, education is quite easy with the help of print or electronic media.

4. Man can learn all the sciences, arts and all branches of education, as the very first man who discovered these laws and formulas, just observing carefully his surrounding and utilizing his mental abilities.

5. Children living freely and liberally can establish a friendship with others. They can judge their good and bad behaviour. If it is good they will carry their friendship otherwise not. Sometimes conflicts may provoke and they will behave harshly & rudely but when they come to know the consequences and cost of the conflicts they will reconcile and come together. Thus they will live happily. In the same way, they can solve their all dispute and clashes without the help of an elder.

6. Allah has blessed every child with curiosity and due to it he automatically steps forward from unknown to known matter.

7. Allah Almighty has bestowed an instinct to mankind to differentiate between right & wrong, benefit & harm, profit & loss without any guidance; If once he touches the burning flame subsequently, he will not touch that again due to the pain of burnt finger in the same way if he gets harm or loss by doing a work he won't repeat that. Here a trial & error method is working. But if he is forbidden forcefully by an elder, in that case, he will repeat that because it is a natural phenomenon that if one is compelled he comes up more strongly, firmly and severely. And if he is compelled not to do something he absolutely does that.


1. His knowledge won't be accurate, comprehend and perfect as if he had seen a sea, he did not know its depth, broadness, creatures and many more things unless guided by his teacher.

Secondly, it is not possible to know about all the things & matters directly as about stars, galaxies, planets, air, etc. and in addition, the fundamental role of a teacher is not to deliver mere information but to encourage, inspire and guide him that inspiration isn’t possible without a teacher.

2. All the sciences & technologies cannot be learned without a teacher because they are not present in the environment like mother tongue which is spoken all around the child.

3. Media is playing a positive and negative role, if a child tries to get something from it without the guidance of an elder he might be inspired by negative aspects which may cause disaster for him and for society.

4. Every man can’t make discoveries even it isn’t necessary the person who discovered something at one phase will discover it every time, As Newton discovered observed many times fall of an apple on the earth but the idea of gravity came in his mind at that specific moment. So it is the duty of a teacher to guide & inform the child who has learned these things earlier. Secondly, if the previous record (culture, sciences, discoveries, etc.) are not kept or maintained then human life will travel in the same circle and the progress will be impossible. Progress is only possible if the last step of the teacher would be the starting point of the child. It may happen only by guidance and counseling.

5. He does not know about the strange people and their behaviour that will lead him to establish a relationship with some criminal people, which may cause disaster for him and society.

6. Yes, Allah has given curiosity to every child but how to utilize it, is the work of a teacher. If he guides in the right direction child will utilize his curiosity upto maximum point otherwise all his abilities & curiosity will go in vain.

7. Once a child entered in danger zone it may lead him to calamity & destruction. For example, if he has put his hand in the mouth of a lion the rest depends on the lion. Every time it is not possible for him to protect himself or escape as if he is not aware of the danger of vipers, snake or electricity, he may get near to them or he may touch the bare electric wire and may die or sometimes say something which may cause great trouble as a clown said some awful sentences in the presence of king what made him furious and he summoned the order of his death just because of his sayings and he couldn’t" undo his statements.

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