5 – Ways to help struggling students to improve their grades

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


The constant struggle with mind, soul and body gives a fruitful result as the Holy Quran says: “Allah grants the favor for which man struggles.” Most students who struggle to constantly get their desired result if not in the short turn, but in the long turn indeed. The 6th ways to help struggling students to improve their grades are discussed below:-
1. Regular Study: The regular and deep study is must improve grades for students struggling to improve their grades. The students should make a timetable for their activities and adhere to them with mind and soul. If they seriously act upon their scheduled timetable, certainly they would get the desired results.
2. Prayers: Students must remember to God at least five times a day as prayers enhance the power of the soul and mind that is the integral part of success. The Prayers teach discipline and the disciplined students generally improve their grades by way of their disciplined labor and prayers.
3. Crush Coaching: Students must be imparted crush coaching before the examination so that their shortcomings could be addressed and they may improve their grades. All those students who want to improve their grades must attend the crush coaching programs regularly and attentively.
4. Encouragement: Encouragement inspires the students to develop their shortcomings. It creates hope and confidence as well as by way of this, students could improve their grades. It is a fact that the encouragement plays an important role to improve the capacity building.
5. Motivation: Motivation means incentive and incentive spurs the enthusiasm that plays an important role to achieve the target. Students must be motivated by way of some concrete post-achievement prize in this way students certainly would improve their grades.

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