Bus system or point system in our university.

(Komal Shakeel, Karachi)

Students want to achieve bus system in our university like other universities.

I would like to discuss very big problem of our university. I am a student of Federal Urdu University Of arts, science & technology. the problem is that there is no bus system or point system in our university. this problem is not big issue for boys but it is too arduous for girls and for those who don't have any facility to reach there. only one bus (4-No bus) goes there and there is too deficiency of this bus, only one bus comes in ten to fifteen minutes and we have to stay on the road daily, we don't take our first class properly daily and it is also our lose to miss our class.specially in summer it becomes more difficult to reach university because we stay for the bus on hot days.in short due to this issue many students face many problems.

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