Child labour in Pakistan

(Hafiza Fazal, Karachi)

Child labour is a rising issue of Pakistan. Poverty in Pakistan is increasing with a very fast rate. Due to which many families are unable to maintain their budgets and every person of this family have to do job whether its a child. It's not only the problem of this family it is the problem of the whole country. It cause bad effects on our economy.

I am seeing so many children every where whom are doing jobs in every field of life such as in factories , work shops , markets and even on the bus stops they are selling some thing. This made me very sad because its not their age to do jobs , it is the age in which they have to play and learn but unfortunately their families are unable to give them education.

Number of laws were passed on the child labour but no one is following them. Peoples are ignoring these laws because of their problems.

Government has to issue funds for these affected families .So that they are able to give their children education except of jobs and being a good citizen its also our responsibility to help them if possible.

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