Home Schooling vs. Traditional Schooling

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Schooling to children at home by a parent, tutor or any other person, whether it is structured or non-structured is known as Home Schooling. It is an informal teaching and cannot come under the jurisdiction of any law. Moreover, education to children by parents is a general practice in all over the world, especially in the Muslim world because all the traditional Muslims impart mandatory education to their wards at homes. On the other hand, schooling off the homes in a formal way is known as Traditional Schooling. At present Traditional Schools supersedes the Home Schools because they impart formal education to children also deliver certificates and degrees on prescribed forms with the approval of the concerned authority. Their education has different levels and their certificates and degrees are recognized and have general acceptance.

The home schooling and traditional schooling are running side by side playing an important role in imparting education to children. The home schooling provides the basic and mandatory education to children, whereas the traditional schooling provides the secondary and high level of education, including technical and vocational education so that students could be facilitated in their career and job hunting.

Advantages of Home Schooling:

Children are naturally attached to their parents and when their parents educate them, they absorb it within no time. The home schooling puts long lasting impact upon children as they never forget the basic learning which they have got from their parents. There is no cost for home schooling and no prescribed time is fixed as it has flexible time. Due to flexible time, both children and parents are facilitated. In home education, the moral values and religious education are given much importance so that children’s moral capacity building may enhance all the time. All parents want that their children may be beneficial for the society and they help the needy people.

Disadvantages of Home Schooling

One core and the foremost disadvantage of home schooling is that it is an informal and time consuming education. No prescribed rules and regulations can be imposed on home schooling. Further, no economic activity is developed by the home schooling. Due to home schooling, children are not socialized as they have no interaction with other children. They are not in a position to get gain from God gifted skill and learning of other children as each child has bonded rationality.

Advantages of Traditional Schooling

The considerable advantage of traditional schooling is that it is the formal schooling system and has prescribed rules and regulations of the real world. It has multiple expertise and skills of different class of people that are greatly beneficial to children. The children of traditional schools have access to gain the advantages of different cultures also they are in a position to learn other local languages as they are much happy to meet their peers having different languages. Being students of traditional schools, they have become the components of the real world as they have come out of the home environment. Their activities are increased by way of their participation in all outdoor programs held by traditional schools. These activities are helpful in their capacity building.

Disadvantage of Traditional Schooling

Due to the high school fee and other school expenditures, parents have to bear an additional financial burden and to meet this expenditure they have to do some additional work/job. Moreover, the traditional schools do not give the basic and mandatory education; if children are deprived of the basic education, they face difficulties to get the secondary learning. The security concern of the children of Traditional Schooling is also a problem not only for parents, but also for the management of traditional schools.

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