(Asma muhammad, Karachi)

From the beginning of the world the man lived, thrived and died. That's how the life starts and ends..He never thought of himself, nor about the others, not the events and nor the crisis of life.
"Life was full of mysteries,
But they never solved.
Life was full of glories,
But they never saw.
Life was full of fun,
But they never enjoyed..."
Sun rises and sets, weathers changes and pass, snow falls and ends;years and years passed but the humanity, it remains.
Today, but the life has become more complicated, more difficult and more tough. We don't think about others, we don't care about them; because may be they have degraded us or discouraged us or may be the reason is that EGO ; ego has conquered us, taken us , faden us.Today, the life, it struggles, struggles to achieve something , something precious, something worth mentioning.....and after achieving what we are left with with??? We are left with pride , pride and pride but nothing else...Priders , priders and priders all we are...That's not, not the real purpose of all this??? What is the real purpose!!! Maybe, no one knows or in fact nobody knows...
We think; we have come here, we will live here, we will work here, we will achieve here, we will live leisure here..Is that all, just all, what you want??? If this is it, than it isn't. It isn't for your ownself , it isn't for your own leisure..it is for others, it was meant for others and of course it wil be meant for others.
Today, the one who have everything goes high and high and one with the nothing goes low and low...Weren't they supposed to live??? Weren't they deserve the things we deserve??? Weren't they???!!!!
The life of today, it's just a messed up the world it is too....No one cares long now, No one bears nowadays....Everyone wanna live the life for their own goodness, for their own happiness....They no longer want others difficulties, others circumstances to take over them......
Today there's no such thing as brotherhood, kindness etc.
And if it longs, it will destroy us, not just us may be the whole world or may be the whole of the universe....
No one knows how much long this world or life exists but we know .....not so long.
So get up, live your life...no one is holding you back...but please don't be so lost that one day you'll gotta know that someone most dearer and nearer to your heart has faden and you are totally just unawre....
This is the life you are living now, so please, live it for others , live it for others joys, others happiness..

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