Words are Healer

(Hadia naeem, Gujranwala)

Words are very powerful more than anything in this word. Words have very strong impact on someone’s life. U can create or destroy the world with ur words. Words hurt and heal. We have no idea how our words make someone ‘world heaven or hell. Some time unintentionally we hurt people with harsh words. Life is already a rollar coaster we go through a lot to survive in this world. We don’t know what other people are going through but our few kind words can do a lot for them. Our kind words can create a positive impact on their lives and encourage them to go through their problems. Kinds words can be breathtaking sunset to a hurting person. Believe me words can do miracle. A single kind word can change someone’s life. Your words like this shall too pass or everything will be fine can encourge someone to tackle their problems. So, let’s make this world a better place to live with our few kind words. Let’s make our words healer for someone wound.

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