(Huraim Aslam, Islamabad)

Getting a better education is not dependent on your financial status. It needs an effort to how much you feel about your struggle. At the main point is that every student will have to understand that the study they are getting is not only for himself that is also for his countries prosperity. Without education, we are unable to think about the purpose of life, the purpose of doing things. And we are in horrible and deadly danger of taking education is a wasting of time. Peoples which are so seriously towards their education and their goals they become a successful personality in the world. Success comes at their door. Without differentiating who they are. What's their financial status? There are two qualities in the successful person 1) intelligence 2) character that is the goal of true education and if you have an aim you can move a mountain. In your life, there is no movement when you don't have an aim. When there is no aim in life it is like a wandering passenger who doesn't know where they have to go. And where comes the ability to work within it. And when you know I have to do this work even any situation never locks this work. Do this work with the whole force without any panic. And start thinking about it again and again. It means that you are fitting in your mind that you have to do this at any cost. And write it again and again and hang it down anywhere in your room or books. After that, you will be enough strong then no matters what happens in your body with your mind. For example when you asked the people in publically how much persons want to become a great personality and success in their lives. Everyone raising their hand that they have dreams that they will become successful person future. But that is also a reality of a person who want something big in their life they do their work is as good as impossible. You can do those things happened when you do some great actions, effort, and important thing you need to be one point focused.

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