(Huba Iftikhar, Karachi)

What is going on? We all running in the same circle that we are depressed talking nonsense that doesn’t even exist. In the world their is neither happiness nor sadness our thinking make it so, there is no any motivations nor depression the only thing we are suffering from is ILLUSIONS. Depression is only about lacking of trust in Lord.
اور دنیا کے سارے راستے ہی اسی کی طرف لے کے جاتے ہیں۔

Then is one who walks fallen on his face better guided or one who walks erect on the straight path.
(Surah Mulk)

Human beings are the most superior creatures of Lord, We don’t need anyone to conquer our self(to ask Is I’m right or not? Or I’ve fallen or not).
I’m Ashraf and I know how to come over anything.
(Emotions,failures,boosting point or anything else).I know who I am and how much I can be. Today’s era is like to do what others are doing as majority is authority an this one is the most useless logic ever.
You have everything in yourself, things you are searching in the world already present in you.
The vest thing is extremism(zeal) and worse too. Let’s open our self for present, past ,and future. There is nothing more nothing less ever, EVERYTHING IS OKAY IN THEIR OWN WAY.
The most beautiful thing is our life keep everything is simple as everything is simple the thing which matters a lot is thinking.

Parh parh Ilm fazil hoya kaday apny apnun parhiya e nai
Ja ja wardan masjidan mandiran andar kadi man apny wich warya he nai.

Let’s learn how to enjoy freedom in a cage of life, and here is a quote “Don’t fall in love where the intensity of love is high”_(Lame)
Let’s be fall in everything you love, let’s taste extremism , let’s lives. What happens after? will definitely okay if it is not I’ll make it okay I’m not afraid of not okay cause I know how to make everything okay.
(Let’s live, let’s destroyed, let’s taste death before death and you will find the true meaning of life.
Regards, (Your Voice)

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