Begging in Pakistan

(Amber Muneer, Karachi)

Begging in Pakistan is increasing day by day . It is becoming very big issue. If we are going some where else on daily bases we saw 15 to 20 beggars per mile and every day we met the same beggars it means that they are begging just to earn money shortly we can say that they made it their job from which they can earn easily.

In Ramzan , Mostly beggars came Karachi from the other small cities of Pakistan because there, so many people give zakat to them and after eid these all beggars go back to their homes.

No one is seems to be aware of this problem. It is a very big issue and government has to take action against it . So that it can be solved. It is an organized crime in Pakistan. According to contemporary estimate , there are between two to twenty five million beggars in Pakistan.

I personally thinks that poverty is the main cause behind begging. If we control poverty so that begging is also automatically controlled.

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