Jews And Us

(Shahnil Khan, Gujranwala)
Lemme ask few questions!
In your life you can tell lies to anyone but not to yourself and of course you should not tell lies to yourself at least.
It's just a test that Israel, who's the biggest enemy of yours, how much you know about it!

First of all you should question yourself that in which continent Israel is situated: Asia, Africa or Europe?

Secondly, name any three cities of Israel. They are well aware of Pakistan's geography so obviously they must be knowing about our cities. Tel Aviv-Yafo, Jerusalem? Name the third one! Do you have any idea? I don't think so.

What is their currency? You mustn't be knowing.

What is their language? Hebrew is there ancient language, but what's there modern language? No one knows. It is known as Yiddish!

If we talk about religious occasions.
We have our occasions of Eid!Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. Christians celebrate Easter and Christmas. What are the occasions of Jews? Which when and why they celebrate their religious occasions? What is Hanukkah, Rosh hashanah or Shabbat?
The cap they wear, what is that cap called? Why actually they wear that cap? It is called Yarmukal! They have the straps hanging on their Rabbis. Why they're hanging so? Why the people there hit themselves in the walls?

We don't know anything!
And if you don't know anything that who's your enemy and never have you think upon it then how can you fight with your enemy?

These are the things of which I never understood or asked about, that people here don't even talk about it and even they don't get themselves into these matters.

We should talk about it, we should know about it!

There's a reason!

In Israel there are 80 to 90 lacs Jews in Israel and overall 10 to 15 million in the world! Then what is the reason that they are kind of controlling all the world or simply ruling all over the world. You have all of your banking systems in their hands! All the media is in their hands. Every big firm and corporation is being run by them! What kind of recipe that really very small nation uses and Allah has given a lot to them only, not us much!

It is just for a example that we have the oils and high octanes but how to extract that and use it, it is all taught by them to us!


So, what is the reason? What actually they're doing which we aren't?

There are some basic reasons for it:

How do they raise their children and what's the environment provided to them?

Here the children are being given birth so that the mother-in-law should stay calm and quiet on it, or the husband may not escape. 😒
And when the baby is born, either that baby eats mud or trash, or whatever the growing child is watching on internet, no one cares, simply do hell with them! Only the thing is that the baby is born and is raising and growing slowly, the mother-in-law is quiet and calm, the husband is being emotionally blackmailed on it and won't escape. Here we have this much aim most likely.


They have something different. Their aim of giving birth to a baby is that he will grow to be a leader, he will grow to be a business leader!! He will simply make a billion dollars company. Of course! They have this definite thinking. Therefore they train and raise their children in that way.


When a Jew Woman gets pregnant, so they have the concept that the basic problems (basic mathematics) like 2+2=4 or 2+3=5 etc should be solved verbally which nourishes the baby's health and by this baby's skills will be developed. Or thyroxine whatever it is, it can be explained by the doctors.

Let's talk about it. It is said to be that if a pregnant woman smokes cigarette or drinks alcohol in an excessive quantity, then there are chances that the baby who's in a womb will grow up to be a criminal. So if the bad effects of bad environment can begin with the baby in the womb then why not the good effects of good environment begin with the baby in womb. Thus they solve the mathematical problems, listen to good music, live in a good environment for good health of a baby in a womb. The home in which there's a pregnant woman, there's no single part of noise even no use of cigarettes and alcohols because they have their negative effects. Good food and nutrition is being taken like dry fruits, pure dairy, fruits and Fresh vegetables. And there the baby who's born is smart and brainy.

Now, when the child is born! If the child is crying, we people simply give our kids the gadgets like tabs, ipads, psp games etc but in Jews it doesn't happen at any cost.
There the kids are being taught archery, riding skills etc. Archery needs focus and concentration, so when the baby there practices it since childhood (focus and concentration) then they get the concentration and focus in every aspect of life, it gets too sharp that one can't go for a wrong decision at all.

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that must teach your child three things:
2) Archery
3) Horse Riding
But the people who followed Prophet's (PBUH) instructions are being much benefited.
And what we actually learnt from our Religion (Islam)? Get married to 4 ladies, the part of woman is half in the property, beating woman (wife). This is what we have actually learnt.
Those who took benefit from the good things are successful.

Another reason is that world's best and biggest research centers are in Israel, like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple Macintosh, Alibaba Online Shopping, HP etc.
And on it people will just say that Jews' company it is, Jews are rich, so that's why it is happening. Obviously they have the skills that's why they have the centers here. This time we are studying on the Jews' website and using Jews' cellars, laptops and most of the innovations.

Think upon it. There is some reason that there are many nations or people but why they're using the same product of same Jews'. There must be something, something!!!

Just think about it.

Kids with marvelous brains are born their. If you talk about Cyber Security, every wise person will tell you that the next war will only happen over Computer.
The missiles and jets strategies are so far, small nations or countries fight over them but actually war will happen on this computer technology. The Cyber Warfare!
Israel has world's biggest Cyber Security. Why?
Jews get 13-15 years old kids employed from every place who have the best ever IQ level in Cyber Security and teach them Hacking.

In education, most of the Bachelors Degrees are being achieved by Israelis.
Here we get education for good job, future, offsprings and then die struggling to get a very Normal life. We have very small aims. But they people don't!
They people don't believe in Jobs. They believe in Business. In their business schools they only get they degree after when they start their business and show them their success. This task is assigned as a Final Year Project to them. As much as they earn the dollars, they'll get good grades.
Whereas for us, the worth of degree is nothing, pay 5 lac PKR and tell which degree you want.

This is where we are. And the Jewish nation is too far from us!
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