Education is Not Enough

(Faisal Raza, Karachi)

Beginning with lots of thanks to Allah and then all instructors and contributors specially Miss Shafaq Shoaib and Dr, Pir Ijlal Hyder to rectify the given content and fulfilling gaps in this regard.
In this object I will demystify the self made phenomena of education system.
We are living in that society where degree holder is considered as an intellectual and something like an angel and whatever he/she says it becomes wisdom and academic for us.
The danger thing is what we think about education is not the education.
It is good to know that we are prospering in technologies and commodities but what about social prosperity, ethical prosperity, spiritual prosperity.
Yes! We are good in brand management but, can we manage our self? Can we be a good brand?
Do not you think self management is so far away from academic education?
My question is if we are producing thousands of graduates from our universities so why:
• Divorce ratio is increasing?
• Suicide ratio is increasing?
• Stress ratio is increasing?
• We are being well educated illiterate?
Yes because our so called educational degrees didn’t teach us about self management and people management which are the remedy of above said problems.
Remember! Only education can’t produce the people who can give thoughts.
I believe in education but it must be tied with training and other below defined ingredients.
To differentiate in trend setter and trend follower we need to understand the phenomena of education and training. It is reality that our faculty and professors are rewarded based on the number of articles published, often plagiarized, without any regard for their quality.
The criteria of measurement are numbers so it’s a game of numbers, percentage or CGPA.

Why 80% of the students are ending up as average humans?
You will find lots of people who ends up as an average human, it does not mean he/she is not earning they earn and they also grow up professionally but always lacking in:
• Fear Management
• Self Management
• Obstruction Management
• Spiritual Management
• Crisis Management
• People Management
• Resource Management
• Pain Management
• Temper/Anger Management
• Vision Management
• Stress Management
• Time Management
• Interpersonal relationship Management
• Bear Management
• Believe Management
• Priority Management
Above mentioned managements tree is must for a person to be a leader.

Being pretty much careful and sensitive we have to differentiate between taleem o tarbiat.
If somebody has education and degree and he did not get tarbiat it will not work, but if somebody has tarbiat and did not get education it can work.
We see the Allah gave Nabuwat to Mohammad PBUH in the age of 40, because Allah polished him, trained him, and Mohammad PBUH passed hard phases of life and then performed a great job and worked excellently on human potential and reshaped the humanity.
Education teaches you speaking but not why and what to speak. Once you learn when, where, why and what to speak is called intellectualism and it takes time.
We see there are thousands of graduates pass out every year but still we are in high percentage of illiteracy.
Since last five years total 5,621 students have completed their PhDs from HEC recognized universities across the country, whereas a total of 61,899 students have also obtained their Master and M.Phil degrees from Pakistani universities. (Daily Times)
People like these feel entitled to salaries, higher pays, and actually some just want to get paid without doing any work – because they worked hard getting their degrees.
When we get education in this way and without having training/learning apart from academic then two dangerous things occur, first we become envy and second we become arrogant.
Rahi taleem mashriq mein,Na maghrib mein rahi ghairat,
Yeh jitney Parhty jaatey hain, Jahaalat barhti jaaati hai..!
(Allama Iqbal)

Definition of Education by Author:
If it is all about education so a person should have:
• Creativity (thoughts)
• Personality
• Next level of Analysis
Education is Utterly Flawed.
Yes it is because education can make you a Lawyer, Doctor, Judge, Professor etc.
Regret to see Lawyers are involved in cruel activities; Hospitals are full of butcher activities of doctors Judges are mostly biased, Teaching profession become an earning hall.
What if you have got degree and we are being arrogant on it, is it education? Is it we learnt from?
A country cannot be a developed country by nice routes, VIP buildings, and great stadiums. Countries are developed by great nation and nation become by having great way of thinking, great dreamers, great trainers.
‘Having a survey of intermediate level we asked few questioned where 90% students didn’t know the rights of children, rights of parents, rights of friends, rights of neighbors, even they didn’t have alignment of their priorities”.
Big personalities are not made by education only; we have real history where people became great gun without having education, but learning. An education can’t give you believe but a believe can give you education.
The name like Abdul Sattar Eidhi, is a real example who set an excellent precedent which have not been set by so called educated person.
If you are not educated you will be considered an illiterate person, but if you don’t have a big dream you are a poor person.
Your Education (degree) Might Not Define You.
The degree is just a receipt of expanse you did while getting education, the real education is defined by
• Your reaction and response
• The way you think
• Your intellect level
• Your experience

Judgment Criteria in Our Country:
Intelligence quotient still being used in our society even it was end in 1980.
Mr. Howard Gardner said you cannot measure the person by only IQ.
In 1983 he introduced Multiple Intelligence Theory.
In 1991 there was another intelligence and it was Emotional Intelligence.
But why we are still measuring people by IQ level?
I have been meeting and coordinating with top level management of different organization till CEO and Directors, I observed most of them big and great gun but failed to build their personality level, I didn’t mean here that they don’t smile they don’t wear nice dressing it was all good. But my concern is why they didn’t grow their thought’s level? Why they are not visionary?
Incompetent faculty, who don’t teach how to think, who don’t involve students in real case study at university level.
In oppose of this we see, in Harvard, Stanford, Wharton they are involving student in real case studies.
Student minds are well filled not well formed and they are educated on paper only.
On grass root level we have utterly flawed structure in KGs and Montessori where our kids are asked to focus on exams and academic education rather than learning and training, we have to understand the first academy of a child is his home, his mother, father and people surround him.
Education Must Give 5 Things:
Almost every student will pass out later or early but there must be certain quality he or she has that can make them above average student.
1. Analysis level
2. Developing and up gradation in your character and personality.
3. It gives you vision
4. It must give you where why what and how to speak.
5. It gives you concernment to do something extra.
So education it’s all about to make you a signature in terms of ideal personality it’s all about to keep you different and far away from crowd.
• The time of student life is crucial you have to use it not only to get education but to make and change your habits.
• Students who work some volunteer work with education will go ahead in life.
• Start saying wrong to this education system or else your next generation will also suffer.
• Be a brand by developing your own style your own personality your own competencies and it is possible when you learn from different personalities.
• Place plants for giving - positivity, hope, humanity, spirituality.
• Become a mentor at any level to make people standup because some time people need only few lines to change direction but remember a good mentor takes hand, opens the mind, inject the hope and touches heart.
• Keep distributing the anchor of knowledge and hope.
• Make friends those can give you right direction to excel your life’s concernment.
• Take a level of that success where, what you say becomes definitions, what you write becomes academic.

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