“Feminism includes all genders”

(Seerat Ayesha, Karachi)

Feminism means man and woman should have equal rights in terms of getting education, equal shares in property and in salary but in our culture and society, people especially women perceive wrong concept of feminism and now this concept is going in wrong direction.

As we have seen in “Aurat March” women took different placards in their hands and ill-suited sentences were written on them like “Apna khana khood garam kar lo”, “Tmhara moza kahan he mjhe kya pata” and lab lab lab. Such acts don’t show feminism and women empowerment but to show pettiness and triviality of minds.

Somehow media is also responsible at the back of wrong concept of feminism like if I talk about morning shows so often we see that the host of the show gathers some victim women and listen pathetic stories. In the end of the show it is concluded that woman doesn’t need to be suppressed and she should be an independent individual so on the name of feminism the only solution of the problem is separation or divorce is given instead of helping the victim woman like providing counselling, producing solution of the problem or providing job to improve her life.

Why do we forget our Islamic teachings? Islam talks about the equality and doesn’t talk about only masculinity and femininity because Allah has made man and woman interdependent not independent. The thing which we need to understand that Islam gives superiority and more power to man but Islamic teachings do not say man has rights to disrespect a woman, to beat a woman, woman doesn’t have shares in property and woman can’t get education. Islam gives respect, rights and protection to woman.

We need to understand this thing that it is a woman who builds up the mindsets in this sense that mother is that woman who teaches her children the difference between right and wrong so she has to teach her son and daughter equality and how to treat a man/woman or respect a man/woman. Mother should teach her daughter that man has more power over woman but if she is tortured or tormented by a man so how she can raise her voice and ask for her rights in an appropriate manner. Mother should teach her son also that although man has more power but the more power means he has more responsibilities towards woman and he should treat a woman with respect and love.
So, it is rightly said that Feminism includes all genders.

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Well done. keep it up. Excellent efforts to describe the top.
By: shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi on Aug, 29 2019
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