Legal System in Pakistan

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Legal system is a back-bone for any state. It is a pillar to climb into justice and prevailing prosperity in societies. Every system of law is bound under the rules and regulations. There are different types of codified laws or non-codified. There are two types of systems prevailing in Pakistan, Civil procedure and Criminal procedure. Pakistan is one of the states to follow the rule of law. Therefore, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has decided in his various precedents to follow the rule of law. The Courts are interprets the constitution as well as any provision of law. There are three components of administrative Law, legislative, Executive and Judiciary. These are interlinking institutions but have not mixed each other. Our constitution is protecting the rights of every citizen. The judiciary is playing key role in legal system. On the other hand, the legislative is made the laws. The legislative is legally authorized to modify or revoked any provision of constitution in special circumstances.

The legal system in Pakistan is very complicated. Thousands of people are not aware the legal system of law and they do not even know how to get remedy. The Procedure of Courts is not easily understood by the common people of Pakistan. There are various reasons and circumstance to get rid off but in vain. The Evidence is weak category in legal system. Oral evidence is not acceptable by the courts except in special circumstance of the case. The mostly witnesses is speaking untruth or
self-narrated stories. On the other hand, dishonest persons as far more concerned. This attitude is spoiling our legal system.

The hierarchies of courts are different as per nature of cases. The Courts has adopted the rule of equity and precedents laws. The evidence is the key to sort out various cases. Moreover, moral values are also prevails in the legal system. No one above the law. All Courts are relied upon the source of evidence and its authenticity. The investigation is main source of getting information from the accused or co-accused.

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