War Is A Gingoism

(Mir Hassan, Safdarabad)

In the last two years the threat of war has been boosted many times due to the clash between the civilization of India and Pakistan. The main stem that promoting the leaves of hate and prejudice is "Kahamir". No doubt the civilians of Jammu Kashmir are behaved brutally there. But in your own states your generations are requesting that we have not the physical abilities to take part in the upcoming war. They are requesting you to not to promote the hyper of war. Otherwise, there will be heaps of ashes everywhere. There will be the flood of blood into which bodies of your love ones will be floating like motionless piece of a cork in the vast sea. Indo-Pak are two "real assets" of Nuclear Powers. But their innocent children are dying day by day due to lack of food. You have the Nuclear weapons to show off but you don't have enough grains to feed your children. We often feel proud on having "Nuclear weapons" but never felt disappointed on lacking of food. This will be the first and last nuclear war of The subcontinent. No one have seen the end of war except those who died in nuclear wars. Those who are too much indulging in the campaign of promoting the war are requested to send their children and love ones to far away Island Ina vast sea having no food,No water, no technology, and ask them what they had faced. Try to promote the fight against social demirites, social crises,social and regicidal insecurities,

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