Everything is temporary

(Bahisht Mujeeb, Karachi)

life is temporary, we all know that no matter from which religion we belongs from, we have to die one day and what we have is non permanent .It ends or it doesn’t. That’s what you say. That’s how you get through it. The tunnel, the night, the pain, the love. It ends or it doesn’t. If the sun never comes up, you find a way to live without it ,you cant sit over year . If they don’t come back, you sleep in the middle of the bed, learn how to make enough coffee for yourself alone. Adapt. Adjust. It ends or it doesn’t. We do not perish.Things will be better soon.... this line, we have to listen it in every sad incident of our life but no one can feel the incident like you do , this world never stops for any one nor the persons in this universe will Bend yourself in every situation that's how u conquer your self.

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آپ کی رائے
Be patient and though; oneday this pain will be useful to you...
By: Imran, Karachi on Dec, 21 2019
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