Social Media- Kashmir Banega Pakistan

(Rafia Shahzad, karachi)

Kashmir Banega Pakistan

Kashmir banega Pakistan, why this is trending now but not before? Even it was issue before, social media has changed so many things which contains awareness of issues, words of mouth, seeking for change, and most importantly “awaz uthao”.

Nowadays people are more often to rely on social media as it is very effective medium for communication, conventional marketing is changing now people are more into digital world, this social media medium has played so much positive role for any case to get to get justice or to at least create an awareness what’s going or happening wrong around us . So why not Kashmir?

Kashmir has been always divided into 2 parts, Jammu and Azad Kashmir, one belongs to Pakistan which is Azad and other belongs to India which is Jammu Kashmir, people in Jammu Kashmir had always strived and begged for freedom as majority people living in Jammu Kashmir are Muslims, they have been facing so much problems, they don’t even have freedom of speech, if we sum up this we can sadly say that with 100% authenticity that they aren’t safe anymore now.

People in Kashmir are dying, kids’ adults, teen and old age people are being killed regardless of gender. It’s not about now Muslims and Hindus, its about humanity now.

Let’s forget all the things which happened in the past, lets all stand for Kashmir today as we stand with Kashmir we stand with humanity.

So, let’s all say it loud and with proud that, KASHMIR BANEGA PAKISTAN.

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