Environment and Plastic Bag's

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)


The role of the environment is very important. Everything has been growing own its seeds. It is the duty of people to protect the natural beauty. The Greenery is spare useful impact on human health. That why it is essential for the human growth.

This government has been taken various steps to reduce environment pollution. The restriction on plastics bags in manufacturing and imposed ban to produce to utilize in the country. The plastic bag has been creating lot of problem in our drainage system. By and large, it is difficult to fertilize again. Over and above, it is our duty to clean the environment. This government has been taken initiative to growing tree plantation in the country.

It is our duty to reduce the garbage and put it into dust bin. Today, we live in the modern world. The municipal corporation has been taken initiative to affixed dust bin in each corner of the road or side of the park. It is our fault to put garbage outside the dust bin. The net result is an issue. The monsoon rains come and the situation are very deplorable. It is our mistake; we much care about it. We should developed more dams for storage of water. We can easily blame on our governments. We cannot take responsibility own our shoulders. The people are habitual doing wrong and not take any panic. It is our collective responsibility to reduce the garbage from our locality. It is essential to protect our body from hygienic problems.

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