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A Writing of complaint is an art. The excellent description is fun. If any previous reference of application (crime) is include in complaint. The Self narrated stories are not indicating the actual facts or position of the complaint. If complaint is accurate according to incident this description cannot challenge at any forum of appeal. It is very important to describe narrated story of any incident may accurately and to the point. There is no collusion of self-narrated story or add or subtract any evidence. The police diary is very important document. It must be read before present any evidence in a Court. This will help you to sort out the case and even you know about that actual charge of the accused.

If you think about some collusion has been added or intermingling by the police in black and white statement i.e First Information Report. You should be corrected at initial state. The FIR is very important document while we register any complaint. We much read while stop writing, if any things find may correct. As such we observed that people cannot care about description even mixed or intermingling actual facts in complaint. This maneuvering, it will turn in favor of the accused person. Actual criminal is easily acquittal from the court due to fault of the complainant.

If police cannot register your complaint of any incident, you may indirectly approach by higher forum. It is not necessary to you to avail highest forum. You can give application to the Session Judge U/s 22 or 22(A) and conveyed him to order to the police to register a complaint. You can also give application U/S-22 or 22(A) to the High Court about register of a complaint. The High Court has given maneuvering if contents of application finds satisfactory.

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