Pakistan "A Paradise for Tourists"

(Syeda Aimen Shah, Islamabad)

The act and process of spending time away from home in pursuit of recreation, relaxation and pleasure is tourism. Holidays are becoming must these days due to hectic and unhealthy life style. According to a research, our brain never sleeps but to continuous exertion effects its performance so vacation are needed to for relaxation, improvement of its creativity, decision making power and health. As people are realizing the importance of holidays, tourism is also increasing in Pakistan. From busy big cities to peaceful mountains or noisy beaches, Pakistan have it all. It offers all kinds of adventures like hiking, paragliding, cliff diving and desert racing etc. According to estimates by the 2025, tourism will contribute Rs.1 trillion to Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan is blessed with not only rich culture, history and traditions but also with fairy meadows, beaches, breathe taking lakes, sky touching mountains, heavenly gardens, old royal forts and aesthetically pleasing ancient cities etc. Northern area of Pakistan are loaded with beautiful mountains and lakes. Tourism of Hunza, Naran, Kaghan, Gilgit and AJ Kashmir is increased due to construction of Karakoram highway. These were some of the most visited places in Pakistan this summer. Tourism here can be increased by construction of hotels, resorts and spas. Sindh is enriched with historical forts and remaining of ancient civilizations but these are being ignored by government. If forts and other historical places like Rani Kot, Bhambore and Moenjo Daro are maintained by government this will not only result in preservation of history but will increase tourism as well. Punjab not only have religious importance for my religions but ancient Mughal architecture and food are also another reason to attract tourism. Places like Derawar fort and Rohtas fort etc. need government attention. Construction of Kartarpur Corridor will also increase tourism of Punjab. Infrastructural development will help increase tourism. Airlines and other transporters should offer special discounts to attract tourists. If proper facilities are provided Pakistan can attract tourists from all over the world as it is blessed with four seasons and all kind of tourism, which will also help our economy to grow further.

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Your article is very informative.I like it.
By: Aamer Shahzad Abbasi, Bhurban Murree on Sep, 18 2019
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