FIA-a graveyard of incompetent PSPs

(Fawad Ali Shah, )

FIA is considered to be the premier Law enforcement agency in Pakistan. But this line for cement agency personnel have many complaints from their own department. Since its inception, this organization is faced with influx of police services of Pakistan PSP Group officers and political appointees. Each PSP who was either misfit in a provincial police or was notorious for incompetence and corruption was adjusted in FIA. Similarly every influential elite tried its level best to induct his offspring in this God forsaken entity. The glaring example is that of an Ex chief justice whose son was adjusted in FIA in violation of all rules and regulations. Some PSPs were fortunate enough to spend a luxury time from SP ship till their attaining superannuation. This factor has badly damaged FIA as the PSPs and political appointees did all the corruption yet they were able to roam around freely without any accountability. This practice is still prevalent even in the era of the incumbent DG. Nowadays a BPS-19 PSP officer is calling all the shots in FIA. Interestingly the said officer has been ordered by the August Supreme Court of Pakistan to be repatriated as he was inducted in Sindh police at the orders of a PPP stalwart. The PSPs are so dominant that recently nominations were sought from FIA for UN peace mission. One PSP who is serving as Additional Director in FIA while responding to UNSAT sent his own name from FIA. It shows that no person from FIA's own cadre was eligible to be nominated. All the major trainings, workshops and conferences to be held in USA and Europe are manipulated by PSPs who are supposed to serve here for a limited time. Even National Police Bureau does not consider FIA as police force yet every Police officer is ready to die for it. The incumbent DG FIA Bashir Memon who is himself a PSP officer has engulfed this organization with a PSP lot of his own choice. FIA has opened its link offices in Turkey, United Kingdom, Dubai, Spain, Greece, Malaysia, Italy and Mascot but PSPs are the first choice to run these offices. This is a very disappointing state of affairs for FIA's own officers whose fate is marred with delayed promotions, non lucrative postings and baseless enquiries on frivolous charges. It is very strange when an Anti corruption agency staff start crying against the corruption done to it. Yes it's true the agency is FIA and the victims are its own employees. The FIA ECHSL was registered in 1984 under the Cooperative Societies Act 1925 and it was made functional at the end of year 2015. The then management comprised of Mr. Khalid Mehmood as General Secretary, Mr. Ihsan ul Haq as President, Executive Member Mr. Muhammad Saeed Anwar and other office bearers in sharp alliance with M/s Manhattan Pakistan International (MPI) owned by Ch. Javed Sabir, Mr.Mudassir Ali and Mr.Mudassir Aziz cheated the members at large of the housing society. The FIA employees deposited their lifelong hard earned money with a hope to have a roof of their own but they were cheated and made a victim of deception and fraud. The said accused who were custodians of the trust and were supposed to proceed for the betterment and welfare of the members adopted their activities synonymous to the property dealers and real estate agents. The JIT report of FIA officers coupled with the report compiled by Deputy Commissioner Islamabad has established that the accused firm has sold some 162 kanals of land of Botanical Garden which actually belonged to another Federal government organization called Geological Survey of Pakistan. It is on record that millions of rupees have been paid on the basis of bogus ownership papers of 50 kanals. Millions of rupees were paid to the accused firm even after their failure to provide land to FIA housing society within the stipulated time. The fake and fictitious firm was got registered with Registrar of Firms as named and styled of Manhattan Pakistan International (MPI) Islamabad only 10 days thereafter, the accused mutually and fraudulently executed a Joint Venture (JV) for the development of housing society and the real actor behind the whole scene was Malik Din, Ex-Circle Registrar Islamabad, presently convicted and confined in Adiala Jail. But despite two reports of FIA JIT and DC Islamabad no action has been taken so far against the culprits. The FIA Employees have started approaching different forum including NAB for the recovery of their money as the current DG FIA Mr.Bashir Memon has been proved to be an obstacle in the way of legal action against the accused. DG FIA takes pride that he took action against Asif Zardari and others but he is not interested to register case against the criminals within the ranks of FIA. What a shameful situation. The minister of Interior Brigadier Ijaz Shah and Secretary Interior Major Azam Suleiman should play their role in this regard as FIA employees are in shambles.

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