Hijab is my pride

(Syeda yuman noor, Karachi)

Whenever I wear it I feel myself complete.     Like other Hijabis who start wearing it I faced alot of sneering  regarding my appearance at that time I used to get hurt alot by all those mocking towards me but over the time I've become dauntless, it doesn't matter to me now whether they call me conservative or old fashioned because I know who I'm  "A Muslimah" and what I'm doing "Obeying my Creator" so why should I be ashamed of wearing this beautiful crown? Yes it seems like piece of cloth but for me its a Golden crown gifted by my Almighty who loves me infinte. Just like a precious pearl inside its shell, every Muslimah is a precious pearl to him, and he wants to protect her from the darkness of this world. Hijab is my identity; my strength; It increases my faith on Allah SWT everyday and reminds me that I'm his creation and I will return to him one day.

           In the modern world people symbolize it as a barrier to the women's progress and their development, It's a misconception or you can say a propaganda against the Islam because, a hijabi can do everything like others she can do her job and serve her society as well. I find myself more powerful and comfortable after put it on. Its not a barrier its a shield which protects me from disrespect, which never let me forget my identity wherever I'm whatever I do. Its a pathway that leads to Jannah. So yes today I can proudly say that Hijab is my Pride.

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MashaAllah great
By: Shaeefa khan, Karachi on Sep, 22 2019
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Great work
By: Aisha, Karachi on Sep, 21 2019
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