Islah of ummah (Urdu/English)

(Manhaj As Salaf, Peshawar)

how can the ummah be corrected and their islaah can take place?

Mawlaana Dawud ghaznawi (رحمه الله) said:

Today, if one looks at all the current catastrophic conditions and misfortunes of Muslims and ask what treatment can be given to them, he should find the answer in the words of Imam Malik (may Allaah have mercy on him).

"لا يصلح آخر هذه الأمة إلا يما صلح به أولها"

translation: "The last of this nation shall not be corrected except they adopt the same way by which the early generations were corrected.

(Ref: how did the grave worshiping spread. pp: 17)

May Allaah give jaza-e-khayr to our noble brother (ابن ابی عبد اللہ حافظ عبید الرحمن گوندل) hafithahullah, ameen, for sharing the beautiful statement of mawlana dawud ghaznawi and imaam maalik (رحمهما الله ) explaining what is wrong in ummah and how can we correct ourself.

The correct way to reform and do the islah of Muslim ummah is:

1. da'wah of tawheed to people and explaining them little by little,
2. da'wah of negation and denial of shirk and giving da'wah to people to correct in those on continuous level and,
3. with that.. propagation of correct aqeedah and
4. love of sunnah.

Ya Allaah give us tawfeeq every day to learn our deen with ikhlaas and correct our mistakes and may Allaah protect us and our good deeds from nifaaq (hypocrisy) and riyaa (showing-off), Allaahumma ameen.

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