People from all over the world are facing derelict due to their drug use, regardless of age, race, background, or the reason they started using drugs in the first place. Some people experiment with recreational drugs out of curiosity, to have a good time, because friends are doing it, or to ease problems such as stress, anxiety, or depression. However, it’s not just illegal drugs, such as cocaine or heroin, that can lead to abuse and addiction. Prescription medications such as painkillers, sleeping pills, and can cause similar problems. Now a days teenagers become habitual of taking medicines.

If you’re worried about your own or a loved one’s drug use, learning how drug abuse and addiction develops and why it can have such a powerful hold will give you a better understanding of how to best deal with the problem and regain control of your life. Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery, one that takes tremendous courage and strength. Facing your problem without minimizing the issue or making excuses can feel frightening and overwhelming, but recovery is within reach. If you’re ready to seek help, you can overcome your addiction and build a satisfying, drug-free life for yourself

Abusing drugs can create changes in the brain, it can causing powerful cravings. But recovery is never out of reach, no matter how hopeless your situation seems or how many times you’ve tried and failed before. With the right treatment and support, change is possible.

For many people struggling with addiction, the toughest step toward recovery is the very first one: recognizing that you have a problem and deciding to make a change.

It’s also normal to feel conflicted about giving up your drug of choice, even when you know it’s causing problems in your life. Recovery requires time, motivation, and support, but by making a commitment to change, you can overcome your addiction and regain control of your life.

DRUG ADDICTION is becoming very common in the society especially in teenagers. Just for the sake of their fake satisfaction in this busy life they have become an engineer of their own CATASTROPHE.

Most of the drugs come from Afghanistan, the country that is responsible for at least 75 % of the world’s heroin. More than three million Pakistanis between the ages 15 and 64 use heroin regularly and there are almost 5 million cannabis users. Since the drugs are extremely cheap and easily accessible in the country, the abuse of cannabis and heroin is fairly high.
In the Recent research, KARACHI has emerged as the second highest ranking in drug abuse. Cannabis is the most used drug. The rate of injection drug abuse has also increased significantly in Pakistan. In Pakistan 700 people die everyday due to drug related complications making the deaths related to drugs greater than those caused by terrorism.

Nowadays drug abuse is very common in our society so the government of Pakistan should take steps to control these types of addiction. Government should establish rehabilitation centers for addicts to make a drug free country. As you can see that the youth is more involving in drugs section so we must organize campaigns in school, colleges and universities in order to create awareness about the ill effect of drug addiction.

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Really it has became a major problem now...!
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