The Actual Pakistan

(Warisha Siddiqui, )

Pakistan, a land that has become synonymous with ‘versatile’ crime, crude jokes about Talibanisation in the West and a euphemism for all that is dark and grey. There are always two sides to a coin;  The first side is seldom the accurate or the complete picture.

Pakis-tan, the pureness, purification manifest in our souls, unfortunately it is a “land of peace”but some of us really neglect the real Pakistan. The quaid’s Pakistan.

Lets know about a little bit of what Pakistan really is.

Pakistan is a perfect blend of many cultures ,religious ,people and different backgrounds. The northern areas of Pakistan are heaven for those who seek adventure. From the highest mountains of the world, to lush green valleys and pristine lakes, the north has it all. Our travel gem.

Beauty of karakoram mountain (2nd largest mountain of the world). eighth wonder of the world or the China-Pakistan friendship highway the Karakoram Highway is the highest road ever built. The road runs for 800 miles from Abbottabad in Pakistan to Kashgar in Xinjiang, West China. The highest point of the road lies at the Khunjerab Pass at 4800 meters. Every turn of the highway is accompanied by incredible views as the path runs though hills, mountains, valleys, glaciers and along lakes and rivers.

Pakistan’s Edhi Foundation proudly runs the world’s largest volunteer ambulance service, which is a record that has been held by Pakistan since 1997. Head quartered in Karachi the foundation runs the 24 hour emergency ambulance service along with providing other services like shelter for the homeless, free health care, drug rehabilitation, orphanage and adoption services,

Pakistan’s Sialkot produces over half the world’s footballs
Worlds second salt mine Khewra Mines of Pakistan produce 325,000 tons of salt per year and are fabled to be discovered by Alexander’s Army through chance when their horses began licking the salts while the troops rested.

The highest polo ground in the world.It is Located at Shandur Top is the highest polo ground at 3700 meters, where the traditional game of polo was started by Balti Prince Ali Sher Khan.

land where Mohammad Mahmood Alam, the Pakistani fighter pilot, was born on July 6, 1935, in Calcutta, India. He moved to East Pakistan along with his family after the split of British India. In 1965 Pak-India war, Legendary Hero shot down five Indian warplanes in less than a minute.

It is a Land where Arfa Abdul Karim Randha a Pakistani youngest student and computer prodigy. at the age of nine, became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional. She also at 10, earned a pilot's license. She had her name in Guinness Book of World Records.

Namira salim is the first Pakistani to travel into space. She has officially been recognised as the ‘First Pakistani Astronaut’ by the government of Pakistan in 2006.

Sabia abbat who is winning the national cycling campignship.

Parveen Saeed, the owner of Khana Ghar, started her business to provide hot meals for three rupees to low income individuals. It has become a lifeline for hundreds of poor men and women who are unable to make ends meet.

Mir zafar Ali is an Oscar winner movie visual effects curator. He has given life to characters such as Venom in Spider Man 3 as well as several other Hollywood flicks such as X-Men, The Mummy. He won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects in 2007 for the movie The Golden Compass

Asim Ijaz Khwaja is a is a Pakistani-American economist who serves as Sumitomo-FASID Professor of International Finance and Development at Harvard Kennedy School, and director of Center for International Development at Harvard University

Moreover Pakistan ranks 25th in the largest economies of the world. Also, it has the second best-performing stock exchange.

Pakistan’s armed forces are ranked as the sixth largest in the world. Pakistan is also known to provide the largest number of troops to serve UN’s peacekeeping missions.
Also Thanks to the efforts of Abdul Qadeer Khan and his team, he helped Pakistan mark its presence on the world map by making it a nuclear power. Hats off to his knowledge, struggle and work altogether!

We don’t have to forget the sacrifices,hard work of our legends,of our youth. We must have to remember we are Pakistan.we are the future of Pakistan

I hope one day Pakistan will reconginaized by their leaders and youth. And comes in one of the most developed country beacause:
“There is no power that undo Pakistan”


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