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In this era of globalization and deregulation, advertising has gained another status. Actually, publicizing makes work openings, gives data with respect to the improvements occurring in the general public, contributes to financial development, and gives information about items and services accessible in the market which aides in taking purchasing choices.

The Code of Advertising Practice (COAP) has been developed by Pakistan Advertisers Society to promote best professional and ethical practices in the field of advertising and to ensure that the right of advertising is a responsibility towards the consumers and the society at large. The basic principles of Advertising are: Decency, Honesty, Social Responsibility, Truthful introduction, Comparisons, Imitation, Safety and wellbeing, Avoidance of Harm, Environmental conduct.

The choices of advertisers in should be ethical which is appropriate and within the guidelines of industry.

Promoting harmful items are considered unethical. They may comply with law. Yet at the same time they are not moral. A genuine case of this includes promoting for destructive items.

These social problems can be seen in Pakistan in the form of losing the cultural and religious values. Free intermixing of opposite sexes, which is not allowed in Islam, create countless social problems, which is promoting through advertisement media. Confusion is created between the new generation about what is Islamic and what is non-Islamic and this ethical dilemma leads the generation towards identity crises

The adds can be made without using the kid in the advertisement. Using a child and making him do some activities which should not be done by children of his age (5-6 years) is unethical on the part of the company. This has been done by the company to Win emotion of the customers. The company has done this because a lot of children will force their parents to buy the product as they could connect with the advertisement

These days publicists are occupied with undesirable brand correlation with the assistance of promoting. Such correlations make issues and disarrays for the correct decision of the item to the extent crowd are concerned.

A decent business ought to be moral. "Great morals is great business over the long run". A business which attempts to be moral will before long have an edge over its rivals. In this way, morals in business, means the social duties of a representative. For example, now a days SHAHI company is drawing everyone attention towards the social issue of corruption that millions of (smuggled Jaliyah) coming in our country so they take a step to stop it and not use this item in their product.

When is advertising considered unethical? Unethical advertising is when you promise something you cannot deliver. Ethics in advertising can sometimes be border line between what is right or wrong. Using advertising in a way that is misleading and uses false claims to get the public to buy the product they are trying to sell is unethical, because of its misuse of the information that is presented to the public. Lying about what the product, gives false information and makes they believe that something is true when it is not. Unethical advertising is not only unacceptable, but also unfair and potentially costly for the consumer.

The unethical advertisements need to noticed and should be forbidden by the government or related bodies, the government need to focus on the advertising agencies that what they are promoting, the societies and communities are suffering a lot from the advertisements. The advertisements are unethically promoted just for the business sake, especially tempting advertisements that are directly targeting the children, the sensitive generation, need to be stooped.

The ethics need to be followed by all the departments of advertising agencies and companies need to think of the public and customers, before promoting the deceiving and sexual advertisements, there should be focus not only on the benefits but also in the harm that society will suffer because of the advertisements.
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