Enough is enough; stop child labor

(Ayesha Umar, )

Despite the reality that kids are every nation's future and well cared for in developed countries, we are facing the very severe problem of child labor in Pakistan, which hurts our economy.Every parent’s wish is for their child to be provided for. It is the right of every child to experience their childhood to their fullest without having it prematurely cut short.

Educated childhood will ensure economic development.
Child labor this is a term which is a huge problem Nowadays. From the last decades number of children are increasing rapidly in child labor. On initial we have to understand this term child labor, what does it mean? What are consequences of child labor? When parents force their children in early ages to go out and help them to make their lively hood or child labor is term where children are sent to work where their physical or mental dignity is compromised. At the age of going these children are being sent to some work. Work can be off any type like factories, mechanic workshop, food stall etc. In some cases these children are separated from their families. Their parents were living long way from their children and they did not have any idea how their children are treated. They are just a piece of flash for their master not more than that. They treated their children very harshly sometime beating them very badly.

Children in pain can never gain.
In Pakistan, however, many families are compelled to send their kids to work. A latest study estimates that there are presently around four million children involved in child labor in Pakistan, and this amount is rising daily.A large number of children are also engaged in restaurants, tea stalls, transportation, and garbage scavenging. The glass bangle industry, carpet weaving, coal mining, brick kilns, and the automotive industry also employ Pakistani children. According to ILO, poverty is the single major factor responsible for the high prevalence of child labor in the country. With 17.2% of the population living below poverty line, families are often forced to send their children to work to sustain the family.

Educated childhood will ensure economic development.
Incapable of feeding a increasing family, hopeless parents farm their kids into wealthy homes toUnable to feed a growing family, desperate parents farm out their children to affluent homes to serve as servants, maids or nannies (child-keepers is the more proper sense in which these children are employed in those house-holds). These children then become, effectively, the wards of their employers and are often treated like personal property. The birth parents remain out of sight, perhaps hundreds of miles away, unaware that their babies are just so much flesh and burdened bone for the caprice and rubbed temper of their unbecomingly unkind lords. We should not encourage this crime. We should not hire children below 14 years. We should stop this crime wherever we see it. We should let children study not work. You wouldn’t be delusional to think that child labor in India, despite the law isn’t very picky. Frankly, if we had it our way. We would have hired only kids on the cheap.
Don’t ask children to take tool, instead send them to school


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