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(Somia, Mansehra(KPK))

“It is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings”

Parents are always the role model to their children. They are the mentors and first teacher to their child. Because they teach child the difference between right and wrong. So they should act positively because children use to follow them. They see and observe what’s going on around them. Parents should provide them protective and healthy environment which will boost up their personality professionally as well as personally. Children wants parents around them play with them. They want love, attention and most important is respect.

Parents are the foundation for children to develop gender stereotypes. They have a significant role of fostering their values into their children. Relationships between parents and children have a big impact on the children’s life, and how they tend to grow up. Be friendly to child so they will tell you each and every thing. Either it’s about something interesting or some ting terrible. There should be no communication barriers.

So it is the responsibility of husband and wife too take care of children by themselves instead left them upon other mercy. It’s wrong once the child is going out of hand never come back. Because they start feelings that their parents had no time for them. Children are saving just at hoe not outsides.

Never become blind followers:

As for child is concern my priority is always my child protection. We are responsible for all happen to them. we must know what’s going on at home or even outside. Either child is being bullying outside or someone is misbehaving with them. We should monitor their activities. Keep watching child is very important.

In our Pakistani society people mostly do blind trust upon family members even on relatives and neighbors too. Which is seems to be very dangerous child protection. Because only the close ones get involves in wrong deeds. We have many examples around us as few of them reported on television but many are still hidden. Recent cases of Qasoor region in Pakistan has opened my eyes so I have decided to write about child responsibility. How could someone else protect your child in a way as you do? When something happen wrong then how could you blame others for all this. It’s nothing but a blind trust which gives loss for rest of life. Mostly known people involve in wrong deeds. But mostly people feel shame to report them because they feel scared from others and try to save their IZAT (Respect).We individually have to take our responsibility and full fill that. Because now a days it’s very hard to safe child from evils.

I still remember when I was a child I use to go outside and play with others .I was going school by myself. Parents were known that this time child will back home. They were known that environment is safe. Even I had spent 2 years in hostel too. Use to stay at relatives homes and friends also. But now time has changed it’s not easy for parents to handover their child to others even for a short time.

This happening because now new generation is using net, mobile and social media. Unfortunately where the development of technology has eased our lives same time it has drawbacks too. And mostly people are miss using all this, they just creating troubles in others’ lives. Never send child outside alone whatever you need please always be with them. Because they are innocent they never know what will happen next.

Child safety is important for healthy growth:

Child safety is very important for healthy growth of children. We are responsible to protect them from any harms like accidents, bad habits, mental stress and child abuse. Parents should ensure that their children are away from risks which can adversely affect them.
Never scold them because they become stubborn and will never listen you. Tell them with love whatever you want to share with them. Children safety is important wherever they are. Such as when they are at school it will be the teacher responsibility to supervision them. Not allowing bullying or others acts which can leave negative effect on child personality. And parents should keep in touch with school staff keeps taking updates of a child.

Parents should avoid over-protection because in that case child is limited to many things and not to allow doing what he or she want to do or love to do. We often heard about that child left home because he was being forbidden from something or pressurize just because child had not taken first position. These are the factors due to which children’s leaving homes. And then they get into wrong hands like thief’s and other people who just make miss use of them like begging, Prostitution, Human smuggling etc. So avoid making your children homes less and becoming prey of evils.


Children are a great blessing from ALLAH Almighty. Be thankful to ALLAH for such a great gift. There is hardly a safer place than home. There are many people who have no child and they praying for having kids. While others are those who adopt them. So please care them never let them go away from you. Always make ensure that they are safe and happy. Never trust others that they will provide your kids safety. It is our responsibility to protect our children one mistake can ruin their future.

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