Why teenagers hate their homes?

(Syeda Noor Us Saher Qazi, Karachi)

Why teenagers hate their homes?

Doubtlessly, no one would disagree that, “Teenagers hate their homes.” or”Teenagers fade up by their homes.” It has become a bitter truth of our society that everyone especially Asian parents don’t pay attention towards the mental health of their children. As soon as the time is passing, the ratio of depression and stress is increasing day by day in teenagers. Rebellion starts in the late adolescence i.e. age of 15-18 years. Early adolescence is from 9-13 years and middle adolescence is from 13-15 years. Teenagers in middle adolescence start dramatically rebelling at last to liberate themselves from childhood dependency on parental approval for always being the good child. When children see their parents arguing, fighting and abusing each other at home, they become frightened and think about the quarrel whole day. After being a parent, those children would either repeat the same or change the whole environment of their homes opposite to the environment they faced in their childhood.

To overcome this, communications with teenagers can be lifesaving. Parents must pay attention on their children, not only on their education but also on their psychology and must spend time with them otherwise they’ll become attention seeker and bend towards other fake people in the society who pretend to be the closest one. Largest problems can be solved when you have a good relationship but even smaller problems can cause disaster when your interactions are filled with tensions. Teenagers are moody. Parents must not do comparisons, criticizing excessively, complaining publically and saying that when I was of your age, I used to do that etc. etc. If you do this, the result is that children become rebellion of their homes and start hating their homes and want to escape out of there.

In order to come over this, parents must be like friends and secret keepers of their children and give them trust so that children won’t hide anything from them. Parents must not be too strict as well as give some space and keep them busy in some good activities such as sports, exercising, walking in parks etc.

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