Fall Down Administrative System In Pakistan-III

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)


Official mindset is a category which becomes cause of fall down of administration. The famous proverb “Look busy do nothing” that it is official mind set. Officials feel pride to seat idle in the office premises. That is the official minds set. A person who willfully avoids to work or evader or Shirker, this trend is prevailing in the institutions. Probably, it is occur in shape of gossip at canteen. Mostly, officials are seating at canteen and give opinions on various topics. They are wasting of time in different activities which does not relevant to the official work. They show us that they are sincere and devoted to the office work. They have shown patriotic with their bosses. That particular scenario, it will have harmful to the entire administration system. Some people are deputed to special task i.e. eye on other officials or officers performing their functions in the office premises. Officials are not taking responsibility is an alarming situation. This takes time to improve.

In my sense, there is only solution to avoid this mindset that it should be distributed equal work among the officials or officers. It is a moral obligation. It is basic ethics towards duty. To perform duty is a legal obligation. Lectures on moral values should be given to the staff meeting. It is an Islamic value to work own hands.

By and large, this is the only remedy to put injection to the administration system until reforms which cannot completely implement. It should take strict action against the corrupt malpractices. It is the duty of the government who has engaged administration may take responsibility to work out to remove bolt-necks from the way of healthy environment.

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