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(Rafiasheikh, karachi)

As we all know that our local industry and economy are in a great survival period by buying a local product we can play a great role to boost our economy and local industry. Pakistan has six largest populations in the world and it has a big market and has a lot of opportunities for business if we promote our local business and product and buy them. The money which is going out of our country is staying in our economy and circulate in our economy which releases pressure on rupees. When we buy imported product 1 per goes to the retailer, 1 per goes to an importer and the rest of the amount is going outside of our country. This creates a negative impact on the economy and devalues our local currency. One study found local business return 52 percent of revenue earned back into the local supply chain compared to just 14 percent by nationwide retailer. We live in a society where unfortunately we fall for imported products we have the misconception that local producers are not good quality and only the imported goods are of good quality but this is not true at all. Pakistan produces a high-quality product and even export them. We need to understand that there are many advantages for using locally grown and made product locally grown food is fresher and taste better because it is usually sold within 24 hours of being packed imported product at conventional grocery store, may have been kept in storage for days or weeks and the preservatives added product is a not good for our health it creates negative impact on health. Buy promoting a local product we create a green environment. It reduces carbon footprint it doesn’t travel long distances. You are promoting better air quality and reducing pollution. When buying local you are investing in your community when business receive growth of the company and creation of more jobs for local people this help to create companies that able to retain more employees and are stronger during recession creating a more stable local economy our president Arif Alvi tweeted about using made in Pakistan he said Considering pressure on Pak rupees. I urge Pakistan to buy made in Pakistan in this time of crisis we must try to avoid luxury goods and available imported purchases. We have to be responsible citizens and have to take part in promoting our local industries and the business-government should also have to make policies and support local businesses by reducing tax on it.

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