The Biggest Of The Problem


A "Synthetic Polymer" that harms the environment and causes pollution, a hard to dispose substance that is not environmental friendly... Yes... Plastic Bags!

One of the major cause of environmental pollution is due to the plastic bags. Used for many purposes from carrying  grocery items to throwing garbage, plastic bag is widely used in the everyday life. Available in various sizes, cheap in prices, light in weight, are the reasons they are being used extensively.

Due to light in weight it winded up easily from place to place, spoiling Agricultural lands, contaminating soil causing damage to the growth of plants and especially seeds, plastic bags are affecting the greenery promoting air pollution.

Not only hazardous for environment but also for the living creatures. Cats and birds when searching for food from the garbage, the plastic can chock them to death if swallowed. Marine life on the other hand is also largely affected by the polymers. People left behind the wrappers, plastic bags at sea shore making it worst place for themselves also.
When burnt, it intoxicates the air with harmful smoke and poisonous gas not only damaging ozone the protective layer of the earth but also immensely affecting human health. The pollution caused by the polymers are impacting the human as well as animals and marine life simultaneously.

Awaring people from the destruction, can play a minor role but if taken seriously it could make a big change.

Now what's to be done immediately? The government has already banned the use of plastic bags but they are still used by the markets and even shopping malls.

The government must strictly implement the ban and make sure the order is being processed properly or otherwise charge them. The government can also impose some extra tax on it so that the selling may reduce and by the time people replace plastic bags with clothe bags.

First thing first, the government has banned the plastic usage but it should also think about the people who can die from starving, working on daily wages.. More than 5000 factories are running in which millions of people are working and more than a double of them are able to fill their table with food. What if the ban is emposed, where will all these people go, the government first should have make an alternative for this or give factors owners some time to upgrade the factory to be able to produce the eco-friendly bags that's of the minimum of 45 micron thickness and 12"x15" size, which can be recycled and re-used. The only thing to be kept in mind before making a decision like baning the factories all of a sudden a mass unemployment can hit the state with economic crisis. The government must think of all the scenario that can take place due to the ban.

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