Marriage concept & Islamic Tradition -II

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

By and large, in 1964 was prominent year when the new Family Act had been promulgated in the country. New Family reforms had been launched by the governments. There are few new concept has been added by the legislative body in the Muslim Family Laws, 1964. Before us going into depth of the Family Act, we should known circumstances and facts why changes may be necessity in the Islamic Rule of Fiqa. One of the points is that nature of the Muslims attitude towards martial obligation has been change with pace to deceive other partner. No garnish mechanism has been adopted by religion preachers. However, marriage problems had been increase day by day even merging in different schools of thoughts and sects. All actions are needs to try to introduce new concept of marriage in Islamic culture even Muslim world.

People are using different method to fraud his/her life partner. Islamic sharia is base on verbal Nikha and only four witnesses who may present at the time of Nikha. The people are taking advantages of lack of Islamic laws i.e (Fiqa) problematic solution. This mind set of people is miserable at that time. Family Law resume in alternate of Muslim Family Law for marriages. It is clear concept to enhance the knowledge of partners to protect their rights which is obligatory.

Section 5-9 of Muslim Family Act, 1964 is new concept of Family Reforms.
i. Marriage is mandatory Register in Union Counsel Level
ii. Reduce/abolished the concept of Polygram’s in Muslim societies.
iii. Right of divorce has been implemented
iv. Khula is pre-mature right of women
v. Second marriage is allow on exceptional circumstances
vi. Black & white statement is mandatory for each divorce & marriages.

Islamic is very simple religion. Islam is impose some restriction on adhere too. Concept of marriage is so simple. But now- a- days, it is more garnish ways has been adopted by the people. The self admiration is existed in the nature of people. There is no child will born on spiritual way until precision of rules adhere.

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