Visual Pollution


Every wall has something that's not to be anywhere by all means. Not only affecting negatively to an individual but also it affects the psyche of society. Some disturbing ads influence the child psyche causing them to become mentally disturbed.

Besides newspapers, magazines, advertising boards, another way of advertising is wall chalking, the cheapest way to advertise. When a city that already looks dirty and smelly the wall chalking gives it another extra messy decorative look. Not only the sellers advertise their products the useless ads on wall with having multiple “Man-Pasand Shadi”, “Kia aap be-aulaad hain?”, “Kamzor jism ko mota banaein" kind of slogans and with 1 to 2 numbers printed on it. Wall chalking is not always for ads like baba kashi or baba rustum bangli the so called aalims' but its also a way of expressing thoughts, anger, positive and negative views of "Aam Awam". And why it shouldn't be, when the public has limited access to the government it will definitely use the cheapest and easiest way to deliver their message to them. But the thing is that why don't people think of beauty, is it not their concern?? When they can ask for the cleanliness of a city, why do they wall chalk ?? Now the question here will rise that those who want their city to be clean would not mess the walls instead they will like them to be decorated. Fine, here comes the need for advertising companies to think before deciding to paint on walls, of course, they can hire artists to draw some art pieces that can increase the beauty of the city. Causing the visual pollution it must be ended, the government should take notice and definitely the painting companies if want can beautify the country if they take the step. Those other painting cheap ads the government should capture those Jali Alim for their false claims and dirty work and then for their act of polluting the city. It will definitely increase the positivity within the people of the nation.

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