PUBG Addiction

(Ansha Moeen, Karachi)

It's been a long long time ago mobile games were invented. And it was start becoming a trend since 2014-15. Then the tencent gaming production release a online mobile game named, "PUBGMobile" It was the first game having the most downloads in a year. It was release in march 2018. But as it becomes more famous people started being addicted to it as much as they leave their studies and wasting their time playing it almost a whole day. It also effect the eye sights. And the main thing is the education, because of this game people are not concentrating to their studies and if parents try to stop them, they start disobeying them and obviously it's not a good thing. And now it's also available in computers which make it more addicted. Last year a 20 year youngster died due to neck pain by playing the game consecutively for 45 days. A young man drinks an acid intead of water while playing pubg. Recently two dead bodies were found in Hingoly District, They were playing pubg sitting near the railway tracks and while playing the game they were knockdown by a train. And many more unknown incidents are happening over the world. It's a south korean origin game which has been declared a addicted game by the experts and also gives rise to violent in many of those playing it. So the government should take serious action against "PUBGMobile".

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