(Rizwan Baloch, Gwadar)

Poverty comes to poor. Poor main to have nothing.

Leave the total world. We have a glance at our own country. We can find so many poor, even they don't have food to eat.if they eat one time so net two times they don't have food to eat.

They afraid to getting sick because they don't have money for the treatment,and they lost their children because they don't have money.But now a days we don't care anyone. We make lot of foods in our house, and after eating them we waste these foods. But we never give these foods to a needy person. If we will give these foods to a hunger person.maybe his hungriness will be finished.

Try to help poor and give them foods.its the thing.

But here most of people,if they have money so they Don't remembered poor.

Don't think that if I have money so everyone will respect me. actually the people aren't respect you, they are respect your money.

Try to be a reach but live like a poor.

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