"Live in the Moments"

(Ayesha Rana, Mianwali)

The Cloudy sky with tints of orange sunset is making the scene mesmerizing. Leafless tree with bare branches representing the autumn season, the season of fall, the season of the soul, the season of letting things go and do.

The son is playing with the father; they both are spending quality time. Sharing happiness is such a noble feeling which gives utmost internal satisfaction. The boy seems so joyful while playing catch ball with his father. The frame is entirely complete. Father is glad to see the elated face of his son, as they are sharing precious moments.

But meanwhile, the father is regretting those days in his mind, when he was not available for his only kid. The leafy tree symbolizes shelter, and a father is a shelter for his kids. But sometimes ago, the boy was just like that leafless tree with bare branches without his father. The boy waited for his father to come back, and now he got the fruit of his patience.

Sometimes the sunset represents the dark phase of life, but at the same time, the sun is hope for life as it rises again every day. Like this, things come and go in life. Life is a mingled yarn of joys and sorrows. One should not let the hope go, because good things are waiting to happen at the right time. The boy now tastes the sweet life. The father is not regretting anymore, as came late, but came right. They both are living in a moment that can’t describe in words. Life is all about creating blissful moments for own self, no one does it for you.

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