The Impact of Social Media on the World

(Suhail Ahmed, Karachi)

Social media is a platform for all the people around the world where they can discuss their issues and opinions. Everybody is aware about term social media “the interaction between individuals and groups in which they produce and share, sometimes exchange ideas, images over virtual communities and internet”. Children are growing up surrounded by interactive social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snap chat, hangout etc. therefore social media a vital aspect of their life.

Social media provide health care professionals to promote health behaviors, to educate public, engage and interact with patients, colleagues and students. Positive effects also includes support for health-related causes and access to information in developing regions. Negative effects also cause such as Potential breach of privacy and incorrect self-diagnosis.

Social media promote incorporates business, associations and brands which influence companions, by making news, to make relations and make groups. You can better understand the customer requirement and promote the business all over the world. It provides rich customer experiences through monitoring you can gain key information about your competitors. In business, Social Media isn't totally hazard free, the negative remark can lead the association to disappointment. A mistake made on social media is hard to rectify, that’s why -ve customer reviews are harmful.

Social media has impact on education students can easily share information or communicate through various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. It can adopt by someone to get positive results in education. Socializing is an important part of growing up, is to socialize and make friends. It allows the children to exchange ideas and learn new things. Sharing knowledge provides an easy and an effective way in which students can share knowledge access the information. Updating oneself causes they refresh their own particular information base.

Students can frequently get the right stage to share their feelings class wanders, group assignments or for help on homework assignments. Students are depending more on the information reachable easily on web and social networking site, hence it has reduced learning and research capabilities. Reduction in real human contact the less time they will go through associating face to face with others. This affects and decreases their relational abilities. Time wastage students while seeking and concentrate on the web are not able to deliver their work in the specified time frame as their time wastes.

A research study carried out that shows youth utilize social media for site surfing and for down loading music, movies by 100% and 94% youths respectively. In blogging with social networking sites 59% youths are found to be engaged. 79% are utilizing for chatting purpose and 84% youths have reported social networking as their main purpose of usage. Whereas 68% youths are reported to utilize social media for checking e-mails.

It has a massive impact on society. Individuals easily mingle on the web that open door for individuals to reconnect with their old companions, mates and partners anywhere. It has become easy that he/she can learn from the experts via the social media. Regardless of our education background and location we can educate our self, without paying for it. Through web-based social networking anyone can refresh himself from the most recent happenings around on the planet. With the help of advertising we can promote our business to the largest length of audience. Connect communities’ different religions and beliefs, so people of different communities can share related stuffs.

The increasing demand of social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, social networks has gained attention choice for the article writers, bloggers and content creators. It provides open opportunity for all bloggers and writers to connect with their clients share ideas beyond geographical boundaries. Cyber Harassing –in report distributed by youngsters have progressed toward becoming casualties of the digital bulling over the past. Your personal information can be hacked and shared on the Internet. Through the online networking several cases are available where people have committed fraud and scams.

Social Media also gives them platform to develop new friendships and develop their social circle. Help develop reading and writing skills when a celebrity talks of his/her favorite book. Teens who use too much social media have lower scores in exams and are simply finding their sexuality. To handle the influence of social media check out the movies, music, games, TV shows and celebrities your child likes. Kids can be extraordinarily influenced people share photographs contains savagery and sex, which can harm the conduct of children and youngsters. It’s easy nowadays to watch YouTube videos on mobiles and we are unaware about child what he is watching. If we monitor teen’s choices doesn’t mean ban them from watching media but making them aware of the -ve influences. We should ask from him why does he like that celebrity, does he follow him in real life and so on.

As the technology is developing, social networking has turned into the routine for every individual or groups dependent consistently. Business uses online networking to upgrade execution in different courses to fulfill business goals. Youths are found diverted social media every day. In organizations wrong promotion will influence the productivity and false data can lead the training framework to disappointment. As social media acts an invaluable tools for professionals. Citizens adopt the +ve aspects of social media and avoid –ve effects so that we can avail the benefits of these emerging technologies.

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