Dream to become a good wife

(Dr Zahoor Ahmed Danish, Karachi)

These days, everyone is upset because of their marital life۔A woman's small mistakes lead to disaster She is not admit its error. We say that the husband is not well. Never mind that the woman is not well
Since I am a teacher I am a social worker. I hear such issues۔That is why I am writing this.

A good wife change the life .She is queen of house.so here my sister read it with honestly.I will give you tips which are below.

Be open with your husband.
Share responsibilities around the house.
Have fun together.
Argue gently.
Discuss children.
Show your affection.
Communicate your appreciation.
Enjoy your physical intimacy.
Be loving during breaks from sexual intimacy.
See Allah in your spouse.
Greet your husband with the salaam.
My Dear Reader:
Especially I address my sisters.
Here some other advise for her.Some others tips for you my sisters .

Dress in a way that reflects your relationship with Allah, with your husband and with yourself.
Protect yourself.
Be supportive
Show an interest in his interests
Be appreciative
Be honest
Be your true self
Everyone wants to be a good man. Isn't it necessary to be a good woman?
I say that I wish every woman wanted to be a good wife.Remember me in dua.

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