CTO Lahore Interview about wearing helmets


Interview of Chief Traffic Officer Lahore

Q1) Why is CTO Lahore required to wear Helmets?
Ans) It is necessary to wear helmets in order to protect people's lives. So that people do not bear any loss of life. And if your accident occurs on road traffic, then you do not sacrifice your life. That is why, it is necessary to wear a helmet.

Q2) Even though Traffic is too huge on Anarkali, Mall Road and Jail Road and there the speed of the bike does not go above from 30 or 40, then why is necessary to wear helmets in these places?
Ans) Yes, Traffic is too huge on Anarkali, Mall Road and Jail Road and there the speed of the bike does not go above from 30 or 40. And if you have an accident on such speed, then your life may be harm. Although in Section 89 of the Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1965, it is written that helmet must be wear while biking. If you have a traffic accident on the road and you may have an injury on brain and your life can loss in this situation. It is not even now that the helmet must be wear whereas it is necessary to wear Helmets since 1965.

Q3) there are only two countries in the world, where wearing a helmet is required, are Australia and New Zealand. Apart from these countries, is not necessary to wear a helmet in any other country, Have you like this country?
Ans) Pakistan is not like these countries at all, but we can make Pakistan like these countries. If we will follow the section 89 of the motor vehicle ordinance 1965, and consider a duty to wear a helmet then we can save our life and wealth as well others.

Q4) What did the sale rate of helmet while imposing, and what is the rate of helmet now and who is importer behind it?
Ans) The rate of helmet was usually seven to eight hundred while imposing, but when the demand of anything is increased then its rate also increases. That’s why, CTO Lahore is fixed an amount from five to eleven hundred rupees in order to buy a helmet easily. You should give a proof of being a good citizen. When you should buy a motorcycle then you must buy a helmet with it. And you should not wait to impose that kind of law. This law has been imposed in order to save your life and wealth. And there is no importer behind it.
Q5) What is the reaction of the public, towards a helmet is right or wrong?
Ans) The reaction of the public is mixed. According to someone, this step is positive as well as negative. It is positive because the life of people saves from damage in order to wear a helmet. It is also negative because ordinary people or poor people do not have enough money to buy such expensive helmets. Although people have enough money to buy motorcycles, but they do not have money to buy helmet. The CTO Lahore said that, if you have head injury in case of road accidents then you spend 5000 to 10000 rupees on MRI and also spend 15000 to 20000 rupees on CT scan, but you don’t bother to buy a helmet of only 1000 rupee. It is essential for everyone to prevent from a road accident either poor or rich, buy a helmet and must wear it at any cost. The CTO Lahore said that, we are enforcing this law and we must act upon it. So that yours and others precious life and wealth can be protected from road accident.


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