E-Challan System
Q1) What is E-Challan System?
Ans) It is an electronic format of the Challan; mostly utilized in the Asian countries.It implies a receipt of payment or delivery; a specific format utilized for depositing/dispatching the commitment/statutory payment at bank/treasury.
Q2) What will be the benefit of the E-Challan System?
Ans) CEO said that the benefit of the E-Challan System would be that the general public will not break the signaland if by chance people will break the traffic signal, then E-Challan will reach to their home and they will know that what law or rule of traffic they violated.

Q3) Will discipline create or not from the E-Challan System?

Ans) Yes, discipline will create from E-Challan System. People will stop their cars or bikes on stop line and that is the benefit of the E-Challan System. After E-Challan System, people will not break the traffic signal and they must follow the laws or rules of traffic.

Q4) What will be the effects of the E-Challan System?

Ans) Discipline will create in people from E-Challan System. And People will bound to the traffic signal. If they will break the traffic rules, then they will have to pay a fine or challan.

Q5) If the registration of a car or bike ison some other person’s name but challan will go to that person house who is the owner of a car or bike. Then what will happen, if he doesn’t pay the challan or fine?

Ans) When you buy a car or bike thenmust do aregistration on your own name. Similarly, when you sell your car or bike then musttransferit on that person’s name who is buying it. If you don’t do that, then challan or fine will go to those people houses,whose name a car or bike registered.If they don’t pay the challan or fine then the registration of their car or bike will be cancel.

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