(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Impatience is a big problem in the existing societies that it is nourishing gradually even spreads on pace in the entire society. Impatience is a bad habit. People try to getting things immediately without waiting. These types of situation will harmful effect upon people. For example, a person who drives a car/taxi on road, suddenly he met an accident. Over and above, it is very painful reality people are not accepting their mistakes. On spot they try to exchange abuses even fighting for unacquainted cause. In instance case, entire driver lobby may have to been seen united for taking revenge from others. Certainly, some gentleman came to intermingle or reconcile among the parties. This scenario is divesting even gradually spoiling the entire society even destroy our social reforms. That thing should be not being tolerated.

There are few factors which are prominent to born pressure groups in different area or province even divide in classifications i.e unions system, clerk union (APCU), young doctor association (YDA) or Young Lawyer Association (YLA). These are so called unions are promised to take burden of the society. Recently, incident of cardiology hospital is very sad even needs to be worried by entire society. That it is indicating point of patience in our lives. No one try to reconcile. Not to be bears that message probably spreads from lawyer community. We destroy Islamic values in own hands even adopted sophistication & superstitious. That it is an alarming situation for the societies to weak up from sleeping. By and large, fascist philosophy has produce egoist nation. That it is the main point. Ego satisfaction criteria should be abolished.

I have condemned this plea which is to be taken by lawyers (Lahore Bar Council) “Actual loss suffer by lawyers” we are innocent is not correct. Even they operate illegal strike or boycott of Courts for one Day. This type of attitude of lawyers is not being tolerated. In my opinion this step has been reduce the dignity of the lawyers in the existing society. Moreover, we have been observed doctor’s attitude towards routine checkup that it will have more miserable for the patient as well as their attendants. Unfortunately, President of Bar Council of IHC is defense by this incident was very shameful and painful. This act of the lawyer is bent to nick by judges. I suggested to the courts strictly action against those who have involved this incident even may suspended their Bar License or Medical Practitioner certificate.

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