Tolerance, our need

(Andy khan, )

In everyday matter, we come across many people who have different views on different things. we are developing a habit of intolerance among people. If we can't convince other people on own ideas, we become hyper.

As an educated person, one's should respect one's views even he/she didn't like it. Because an educated man wants to spread peace in society, therefore he knows the importance of Tolerance.

Tolerance means:
"put up the people (whom you like or not) as far as you can"

If we put up with someone on his/ her viewpoint its means that we got control over ourselves.
We engrossed ourselves in daily life pursuits but we have to remember that:

"Although Life is too short, there is always enough time for Tolerance/ Courtesy"

Tolerance has great importance in our lives but unfortunately these days we rarely find a person who tolerates others. Therefore conflicts and clashes came into being.
We must promote Tolerance in our society as a virtue. We should encourage a person who has the ability of Tolerance because we need it badly. And:

"Putting up is the Virtue, not a weakness"

We have to promote this view if we want peace in society as well as in the world. Because Tolerance is more effective than Love. We love only those people whom we know personally but we tolerate every person all over the world without any discrimination.


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