Piece of advice!! for new brides

(Mehak Ali, Khairpur)

Knock knock knock!!!
Mother in law: Dulhan !! "Why are u always sitting in your room and the door is always closed?" Why do u do so?"
Daughter in law: (silently looking at her MIL)
MIL:"next time take care of it.. this is not the way to live in your house.. didnt u learn anything from parents home? Oh My God these girls..."
DIL: (started weeping)

This is just an example of the situations that take place in nearly every house . And the newly married girls get depress sometimes due to them because they don't know how to tackle with them. Girls this is not the time of crying or weeping .. no.. You have started your new journey to become happy and joyful and to become depressed and unhappy. These taunts and some bad moments will disappear as soon as you will start ignoring them. This new house is surely new for you but now you have to make it your own comfort zone. Weeping all the time on petty issues is not the solution. Your husband might get over with your tears and crying face. But what else can you do? You will start recalling your parents. Your home , your old things and that will make you cry more. So just let the things go their way. Its your turn to protect your self from the taunts and comments of MIL or sis in laws or who ever. Never show them that you are weak or even have any tension what so ever the say or act. Just keep up your eyes and shoulders. And go ahead. Do what you want to do. But be respectful. Being within your limits tell them that you are so strong that silly things and tactics never matter to you. Tell your self that you are strong enough. You dont need your parents or frienda any more as a shield. You yourself have to make a way out. And then you will see the difference :) stay blessed and stay happy .. and welcome the new life with all cheers:)

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