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Concepts of illegal societies are not new phenomena. That is the method to cheating or deceiving others even gained ulterior motives. The particular of group of people are using different method to gain money in the name of housing societies which is going to be under processed. They have shown brasher even site plan to attract the people to buy said schemes. Moreover, the property dealers or workers may use their tongue in different style which is probably attractive for the consumers. However, one thing is very crystal clear that it is some difference between Registered Housing Schemes or unproved Housing scheme.

Registered Housing scheme-I:

All housing societies are registered Under Housing Society Act, 1925, but it is only registered Firm like other firms of business. That it is not enough for Housing schemes or societies. They should taken prior approval from Capital development Authority (CDA), Islamabad or Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), Rawalpindi. These two authorities have right to accepted the site plan or rejected the site plane. If approve the site plan of any society that the authority has been issued No Objection Certificate (NOC). Now this is a criterion to check the authenticity of society whether is legal or illegal even competent to trust. In other district or province government announces the name of the Authority who has to work to control illegal societies in the respective provinces.

UN-Approved Scheme (Housing Society)-II

UN-Approved scheme mean site plan is not approve by the Capital Development Authority or Rawalpindi Development Authority i.e Asia Housing Society, Al-Haram City Housing Societies are declare illegal societies under the rules even reject site plan by the RDA. The status of these housing scheme or society is like a firm of business which is mandatory to be registered under Pakistan Registration Authority (PRA).

Lahore Development Authority has published a huge list of illegal and unapproved housing schemes situated in Lahore Division. Majority of housing schemes have been marked as illegal, as their sponsors never obtained any approval from LDA. There are also some housing schemes in this list which are under approval process, therefore LDA has marked such housing schemes as unapproved rather than illegal. This is a very important information for commoners and investors, as they should avoid investing in illegal housing schemes in order to avoid any possible losses.

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