Criticism On Palm Reading

(Maria, Lahore)

Palm Reading

I want to get your eyes fixed at Palm reading ... You know that it's become a trend to read our palm for knowing what is coming next for us ... Basically it is forbidden in Islam we being as a Muslim should criticize palm reading .. Our young generation going on stuck in this habit . We know that all things going on happening as we think and according to Islam our fate is change by Allah as time goes on .... Avoid this habit and keep avoiding to our children for palm reading ... Many fake people like Amil Baba earn money for this nonsense work... They to return the oom through this job ... There is nothing such kind of thing which they are saying us ... They just made fight between people ... They always tell these type of things to young generation that :
1. You will marry with your love.
2. Soon you would earn money.
3. You will have some troubles.
4. Someone Has done magic to you.
And adding one thing more that we should not offer pray for 40 days while read our palm .... We should learn to our young generation that if we work gently and wisely then Allah must change our fate and things would happening as we want .... Allah says," Oh! Ibn-e-Adam there is one wish of you and one wish of me and that's it what i want if you do what i wish then i will give you what you want if you do against my wish then i will fatigue you in what you want and then it's happening what i want".

we should remember this quote and believe on our self and work hard there is only Allah who knows what will happen in our life.

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