Abuse is Abuse Even In Fascinating English Language

(Sadia Ijaz, Lahore)

Handfree was in my ears my favourite song was being played on my phone , i was walking inside my residence for getting some fresh air, i saw someone talking over phone i tried to not to notice but suddenly the music track that was being played , play the song that i didnot want to hear so for changing that song i stopped the song then the vocie touch my ears i heard some voice that spoke out, Wow! English Charming words! They were wrapped in the sweet melody ,let me admit their mean are abusive but it sounds like some knows english more than someone can digest , yup they were cool but not indeed. Abuse never meant to cool. ..So inshort the words that we would never dare to speak out in urdu,were so charming they snatch my attention, its like someone wrapped the poison in my favourite biscuit pack Ahammmm! Thats how we are fascinated by English ، be honest, she got my attention because of English astonishing words and when words touches my ears , i felt wow !But thats not really wow.Then i remebered my honorable Mam she also told us, the same thing about English that i experienced recently so it forced me to write Thats always happen i write when some event gets my attention.Epitome of the evening, my message that i wanna deliever : Donot use the abusive words to show that you are aloof or cool even English words are so charming.

Listen its like a spoil food that can horribly affect your digested system even they are beautifully presented thats the same case with words.Be alert before you use because they narrate you.

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آپ کی رائے
Fabulous, excellent and extraordinary
By: Newton , Lahore on Feb, 28 2020
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